Need help making your special moment perfect? We can help you make your unforgettable memory just the way you envision it. 

Memorable moments don’t just happen


First step is the ring size.


If you can’t discreetly ‘borrow’ a ring from her for a couple of hours while you get it to us for measuring, try it on your finger (with your eyes closed) to get a good feel for how tight it is. Even mark where it fits on your finger then come in as soon as you can and we will try different sizes until it feels just right.

No matter if it’s not the right finger, because after so many years in the business we can work it out nearly every time – as long as you can tell us if she is right or left handed and on which finger she will be wearing the ring.

We have even sent the occasional complimentary gift offer of cleaning or safety inspection of her existing jewellery and once in the showroom we can talk about what she likes and try on some rings, gradually building the groundwork for a spectacular surprise.

In most cases women know exactly what they want even before they come in. It just gives us an opportunity to gather their ideas and create something totally individual – without them realising.


Plan B


If all else fails we can make it an average size and in most cases it is no problem to resize it once she has received it. (This is a complimentary service).

Another area that has also worked is to bring her to our showroom and go through the designing and gem selection experience.

We will then give both of you a date of completion but will actually finish a week or so earlier, giving you the opportunity to surprise her with a gift she has helped to design – but at a time she didn’t expect.

Either way we will be helping you create those romantic memories which will become part of the fabric of your lives together.